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I can't recall the last time I ever posted here. I "remembered" about LJ when I got a spam message/comment to my email from an old entry about traveling to Oregon with the Cal Bears and my Dad. That was crazy long ago....right before I was planning to finish my BA and go back to school. And yet here I am, in 2013, teaching motherfucking high school. Welp.

This will be my last year teaching at South Hills. I really love it there! The teachers have been amazingly supportive, I think my boss, Julie, is super-cool and kickass. I still, even after all the years of teaching here, get worried that I'll get fired for something at any minute. It's a STUPID worry to have and worry over.

Right now I'd usually be at home kickin' back with some nice tea or something, but I have to teach NIGHT class for extra $$$. It's for the parents of the students here at the school district. And anyone else who might be interested in learning sign. Like, we've had some mormons come from time to time...and no computer, I won't capitalize that ridiculous "religion".

So that means I have to stay at school until class starts, 6:30. I usually leave around 5:30, so that I can get some dinner from the food trucks that park every Tuesday by the mormon school down the street. mormon. mormon. hahahahaha mormon.

Then, I eat my fucking food and then go to the school cafeteria nearby, at Mesa school. Then the people show up and I teach them. Basic shit. But $$$. I'm behind on my paychecks because I hate filling out the fucking paperwork. But I will have to do that soon.

I got engaged! See that link for all the gory details. I proposed on Christmas Eve on the Roue de Monge (ferris wheel). It was picture perfect. I have both videos up on that site. It was AMAZING to get so much response from friends and celebrities! Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott were my ultimate goal, so I was really worried about not getting them. But...about 100 or so tweets later, who else but ROSARIO MOTHERFUCKING DAWSON replies to me, with a video already DONE, saying "I hope it's right! Let me know so I can do another one if it's wrong!" HOLY. SHIT. She did sign it wrong at first (signed SHORT for JUST) so I made a quick clip in the bathroom (after freaking the fuck out because Rosario was actually talking to me and participating) and she sent along the video that you see in the final cut. Tracy said YES. :)

But now things are a little weird in the time being. Tracy has moved up to the Bay, living with my parents, because she got a part time (and later fulltime) job at DCARA, her old job, but this time it's her dream job as family advocate. So I am living the bachelor life with just the 3 cats and me! It's kinda fun, but I miss Tracy horribly! She has been down here twice, on 2 long weekends. :) It's been great....she will probably come again in a couple of weeks, with the condition that cover gas money. I can't believe she drives that long!!! She left at 8:30'ish last night and got home around 2....poor thing! I really do miss her a lot.

Okay I am going to CLOSE now......adios. Oh another webpage for yer lookins: My Instagram. :3 Layturrrrdayzeeee!
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