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This is the only image of MJ I have saved on my computer. It always makes me smile. I absolutely loved him from the first time I heard him on the radio, wondering who that "high voiced woman" was saying OW! OW! OW! about....hahhaa.... and then getting my first album of his...Thriller. Playing songs NON-STOP, over and over, both sides, then back to Side One....pouring over the lyrics and the illustrations that accompanied them.....having a HUGE fit because I couldn't get the special edition of Thriller for my View-Master (a gift from Aunt Amy) because it came with a View-Master and I already had two...on my birthday.....Michael...if there is some way you are reading this, thank you for your amazing contribution to the world. You have left the world too soon....I remember seeing the press confrence and you saying this is the final curtain call, after this I am done....I never wanted to quit Michael....let alone leave us!!! I've been crying ever since I left my friends house....I had to hold it in and not lose it, although I almost did at a few points....Michael you are the best...the whole world is in mourning.
I love you,

PS I never believed any of those bullshit allegations since day one.
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